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Gizzard impaction in Emu Bird: necropsy report

Prasanna Kumar V1*., Manjunath S.P2., Chandre Gowda C.T3., Aswartha G.4 and Pradeep Kumar V5

1*Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Dispensary, Udayapura, Hassan, Karnataka, India; 2Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Dispensary, Anathi, Hassan, Karnataka, India; 3Assistant Professor, Veterinary College, Hassan, Karnataka, India; 4 Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Dispensary, Arasikere, Tumkur, Karnataka, India; 5Veterinary Doctor, Pet Clinic, Srinivaspura, Kolar, Karnataka, India


Emus are inquisitive in nature and usually start pecking at anything that interests them, which may cause ailments of digestive tract. This report put on record necropsy findings of an emu died due to gizzard impaction. Post-mortem examination revealed rigid, doughy, markedly swollen gizzard; entirely impacted with pieces of plastic cover, partially digested feed, small stones and sand which might have caused death.

Keywords: Emu; gizzard impaction; ostrich; rhea
To cite this article: Prasanna Kumar V, Manjunath SP, Chandre Gowda CT, Aswartha G and Pradeep Kumar V, 2015. Gizzard impaction in emu bird: necropsy report. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 5(1): 1-2.

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